[PERK​-​DNB004] Anode EP

by Anode



Anode should be known from Gravity Zero who comes from Japan. We are very proud to offer this timeless EP.
Overall Anode achieves to transmit a deep japanese mood with his EP and you can get to know his true love
to the music. Xiphoid speaks for itself, it has exploded dancefloors with heavy impact. On the one hand
excellent work on atmosphere and above all on the other hand the tune drives you insane with heavy speedup moments.
Havonavega is a journey into Japan. With stunning riffs, lead sounds and strings the focus on the floor is still
present. The Mirror on side C connects to Havonavega and continues brilliantly your travel. Boltype is a perfect
outro out of the journey.
Again, we are very proud to present you this EP and we hope to serve your taste with our fourth release!


released August 12, 2010


all rights reserved



Perkussiv Music Neustadt, Germany

Label's Philosophy:
Perkussiv’s main focus is to release quality music from around the globe,both Techno and Drum and Bass.With professional attitude,the label’s heads Amex from Germany, Rufftex and Pao from Switzerland put their whole energy in quality control,thus the label’s fans can enjoy full effects of true deep-hearted music. ... more

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